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About us

Michele Colarusso

My name is Michele Colarusso, and I have been working in this environment since I was a boy. Thanks to my long experience in the field, I can say I am a specialist in everything related to the rental and maintenance of forklift trucks of all kinds, with or without an operator. In doing so, I offer a complete service concerning overall logistics and transport.

All this began in 1988 when, almost 40 years ago, together with the family business, I was in Rome working with Michael Jackson, discovering a world of colors, emotions, and preparations for significant events. I was so impressed that I understood that this would be my way even then.

This passion led me to the foundation of Colarusso Servizi e Noleggi S.r.l. – a company dealing with every type of customer’s need to offer an increasingly broad, complete, and rapid range of services for years. This is because I realized very quickly (also, thanks to the family business) that needs and demands are meant to change, so we need to provide offers on the same wavelength.

Together with all my collaborators, we are a team of professionals in the field of working machines and a real family with the ability to operate consistently with the same energy, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We rent forklifts with an operator or not, offering a complete package concerning the logistics of goods and everything related to the topic.

To facilitate total and efficient availability, Colarusso’s office is at your disposal at any time, every day, to provide all the information on the rental service of forklifts with or without an operator. Our switchboard is also always active if you can’t reach our headquarters.

Our structure of over 3000 square meters, with sheds, a square, and an oversized garage, guarantees each customer a space suitable for parking and storage that houses a whole FLEET of rental forklifts ready to operateindoors or outdoors at any time.

Our offer is vast and varied. From tractors to platforms, from forklifts to lifts, they are always on hand to provide a professional service in every aspect – from punctuality to its effectiveness – and are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Just a few words, but /precise/, and the Colarusso’s team will arrive and put everything in its place in a short time.

From small goods to large loads, Colarusso’s experts in the rental and maintenance of forklifts take care of everything.

We are people “in action," we only need a few clear words, told in time and addressed the problem with the conviction to solve it.

Michele Colarusso